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Breeding heifers

In the Daskalos family farm, in order to constantly keep the level of the animals high, we always have breeding heifers of excellent meat production characteristics.

Since all the animals of the farm are registered in the herd books of the Greek Red breed in the Genetic Improvement Centre in Karditsa, most of our heifers belong to this breed. They are female red-furred animals of exceptional conformation. The reared heifers of Daskalos family are born and live up to six months per year on the mountains of Northern Pindos.

Furthermore, all Limousin heifers reared in the Daskalos family farm have Pedigree certificates. They are identified by their distinctive gold-red fur. They are famous for their muscular morphology, easy handling and adaptability to climatic conditions. Limousin heifers are mild in behavior and when they reach their reproductive age, the parturition process is easy.




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