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Male Limousin & Greek Red Breed

In the stock farms Daskalos family, we breed hundreds of male calves, born by free-range cows which live for about six months per year in the mountainous areas of Northern Pindos. After their weaning, the calves follow a fattening diet with feed of purely plant origin.

The calves born by the farm’s free-range cows belong to the Greek Red Breed and they are certified by the Genetic Improvement Centre in Karditsa. All the calves of the farm are in absolute compliance with the phenotypic standards of the Greek Red Breed, appointed by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (ΥΠΑΑΤ). They are large animals of gold-red colour, with short heads, wide foreheads and wide snouts. If there are horns, they are golden yellow and the skin of the animals is very thin.

The purebred reared calves live under high standard welfare conditions as defined by the Common Agricultural Policy of the E.U. Then, they are either channeled into a constantly growing meat marketing network or they are sold as studs to other livestock farms.

The purebred male calves of the farm are genetically improved animals, so as to be able to be used as studs in stock farms all over the country, which have the vision and aspiration to have a leading role in Greek animal farming, by producing high standard calves. In the modern facilities of Daskalos family, those who are interested can see and choose purebred bulls that will help them to genetically improve their animals.

In the farm of Daskalos family, we also rear purebred calves of the Limousin breed. This primarily meat production breed originates from the Limousin region in France. They are red-furred animals, famous for their muscular physique, their fast fattening and the merchantability of the young animals, in contrast to other breeds. Additionally, the Limousin Breed produces the leanest cuts of meat, which have been its benchmark in the modern market.

Since Limousin bulls are the most appropriate bulls for the Greek climate conditions, we rear male Limousin calves in our modern facilities. All the calves have pedigree certifications, issued by the leading certification bodies in Europe. The Limousin studs we sell can provide an important comparative advantage to stock breeders who wish to improve the quality of calves that are born in their farms.


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