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Meat market “Daskalos”

In addition to the cattle-breeding unit, the Daskalos family business includes a pigsty and a sheep farm. These three livestock farms meet the needs of the butcher shop owned by Daskalos family in the centre of the city of Tirnavos.

With a sense of responsibility and an excellent perception of modern reality, the meat market “Daskalos” remains loyal to the idea that created it in September 2004. Always aiming at the impeccable service and gustatory satisfaction of its customers, it guarantees the quality of the products sold in the shop. Due to the production of pure fresh meat, before long, the name of the meat market “Daskalos” succeeded to become synonymous with trust and quality, bringing to the consumers’ table the best products the Greek countryside has to offer.

The comparative advantage of the meat market “Daskalos” is that it constitutes the final part of the Daskalos family fully vertically integrated business. From the birth and rearing of an animal up to the retail sale of meat and other meat products, the production and processing chain remains within the same business. The cow shed, the pigsty and the sheep farm of Daskalos family supply the local market, and far more, with meat, the quality of which can hardly be met nowadays by any other butcher’s shop.


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