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Free-range cows


For the production of quality veal, nowadays, it is essential to combine modern cattle breeding and rearing methods with traditional animal farming. Thus, respecting the decade-long traditions in animal farming, Daskalos family rears its cows for about six months a year on the mountains of Northern Pindos. At an altitude of up to two thousand metres, the cows feed exclusively on the vegetation of the mountain. They mate and give birth in the appropriate climatic conditions of the mountainous region of Vassilitsa, Grevena, especially during summer.

Due to the fact that nomadic pastoralism is declining in recent years in Greece, Daskalos family is trying to preserve the traditions by moving its herd of cows at a very high altitude every year. The high mountains of Vassilitsa host the young and older animals of the farm from spring until the first snowfall of winter.




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